Read Our Testimonials

Please feel free to search for us on yelp, yellow book, heathgrades and any other search engines or sites you  may use to do your research and read over our numerous reviews. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, neighbors or relatives since over sixty percent of our new patients come from word of mouth.

Don’t be surprised if more than one source gives you our name as well.

You also might have been referred here by your PCP since we have an extensive physician referral base to both of our practices and also do consulting, especially with our diabetic patient population.

We also advertise in the yellow book and yellow pages for our patients who might not use social media.

We also believe charity begins at home and try to support the local community and schools around our two practices. 

In time we will be posting more testimonials on here and allowing you to share your testimonials as well.

Feel free to  tell your friends and family members about our website  as you see fit and if they feel the need we can be  contacted at [email protected]



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