Nail Fungal Infection Treatments in Shirley & Ronkonkoma

Photo: A foot showing the toes with the big toe chipped and discolored

Fungal infection of the toenails (also called onychomycosis) occurs when a fungus infects the tissue underneath the toenail. The result is discoloration of the nail. Often the nail becomes thickened and raised. It commonly involves several nails simultaneously. It often occurs in people with persistent moisture in their feet, such as with footwear that does not allow air circulation or in those who perspire excessively in their feet.


Photo: A close up of the big toe with the nail broken and discolored The diagnosis of fungal infection of a toenail can be made based on the appearance of the toe.

In some cases a sample may be obtained, to look for fungus under a microscope or to grow and identify the fungus in a laboratory.

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The treatment for fungal nail infections usually involves an antifungal antibiotic. Oral antibiotics are generally required to treat the fungus while new nail grows in. The medication needs to be taken for several weeks to months while a new, healthy nail grows in. Antifungal medications applied to the surface of the nail are not usually effective. In other cases, the infected nail is removed.

Without Treatment

The nails can become very thickened, discolored and unsightly. In some cases, pain or infection can result from very thickened nails.

Patient Reviews: Nail Fungal Infection Treatment

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Quality Foot Care

5 out of 5 stars based on 37 Nail Fungal Infection reviews.

Patient Testimonial by Janet C

First visit here…very satisfied..staff member Joy was so friendly and made me so comfortable. Can’t say enough about Dr. Taormino, very caring and took care of my issues and also explained everything to me…my feet felt so much better after his treatment..

- Janet C

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Patient Testimonial by Katherine B

Love the doctor. So nice and make your feel very very comfty. I was so embarrassed about my black toe nail and he made me feel comfortable

- Katherine B

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Patient Testimonial by Diane M

I was very pleased with the service at Quality Foot care. They were pleasant and the doctor was knowledgeable and caring. I will recommend them to family and friends.

- Diane M

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Patient Testimonial by Carol L

Extremely proficient and professional physician and office staff. Both my husband and I, as new patients, are extremely pleased with the care we received.

- Carol L

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Patient Testimonial by Catherine P

The staff was friendly at my initial appointment. Dr. Taormino was knowledgeable and honest in his assessment and ability to address my concerns.

- Catherine P

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Patient Testimonial by Gary H

Staff was great and the doctor was outstanding, she explained everything clearly and very professional.

- Gary H

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Patient Testimonial by Lorraine K

This was my first visit at this office. I was impressed by how everything went smoothly from making my appointment through my office visit. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable and treated me with respect. The exam was thorough and I have complete confidence that Dr. Taormino will be able to help me. I feel like I am in good hands with the Quality Footcare team.

- Lorraine K

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Patient Testimonial by Anthony C

The doctor was outstanding, he explained everything clearly, he was friendly and professional.

- Anthony C

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Patient Testimonial by Teresa R

Dr. T answered all of my questions & explained everything without making me feel rushed. I definitely will be going back in the future.

- Teresa R

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Patient Testimonial by Salvatore L

From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. The receptionist was sweet and welcoming. She made sure that I was comfortable from the moment I walked in till the moment I walked out. Doctor Taormino was terrific. Such a nice guy. He made me feel at ease right from the very start. He thoroughly explained everything fully and treated my issue competently and effectively. We happened to have had a lot in common and our small talk made it even all the better. I felt as though I was conversing with a family member. I hope his practice thrives for years to come. Thank you, Doctor Taormino. All the best to you always.

- Salvatore L

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Patient Testimonial by Carol S

Friendly and Courteous throughout my visit with a very easy to talk with Doctor who knows what he is doing! I was looking at a computer map when I saw the name of this office not far from where I live and called to make the appointment. Did not have to wait long and the service my feet got will remind me for all the months I'll be waiting till the next visit:) My feet and I are very glad to have come!

- Carol S

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Patient Testimonial by Juana C

This was my 1st visit to this office where the service I received over pass my expectations. I received a complete foot evaluation.

- Juana C

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Patient Testimonial by Joe D

I've had similar work done on my toenails at other podiatrists and it could not compare to what Quality Foot Care did for me. Quality Foot Care went above and beyond what others have done. I am so grateful to find them and would highly recommend them.

- Joe D

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Patient Testimonial by Denise G

Great experience from start to finish. The staff was great! Dr.Taormino was awesome and thorough. I would highly recommend him!!

- Denise G

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Patient Testimonial by Candace G

The receptionist I believe was Emily?? She was wonderful and personable. Dr was just as great!! Very honest and personable!!

- Candace G

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Patient Testimonial by Fabian C

Very simple to set things up, very courteous on moving things along over the he phone. Staff and doctors were excellent, very pleasant and easy to talk to. Overall amazing start to finish, will definitely recommend!

- Fabian C

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Patient Testimonial by Anthony G

Staff was friendly and courteous. The Doctor explained everything to me in depth to ensure that I understood.

- Anthony G

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Patient Testimonial by Shaheed R

The staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr. Taormino was straight forward, and very knowledgeable. I’ve been going to podiatrists for the past 20 years and after one visit here, he has already done more than any other.

- Shaheed R

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Leola Gonzalez G

Very pleasant visit. Gave me confidence that my fungus problem will be cured.

- Leola Gonzalez G

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Patient Testimonial by Gary U

I was made to feel very comfortable as a first time patient at the Shirley office. The staff was efficient and friendly. After visiting another podiatrist for a number of years, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care Dr. Taormino provided. The service and procedure provided was outstanding and unlike and of my previous experiences at the other podiatrist's office. In summary, if you are in need of a podiatrist, I would highly recommend quality foot care and Dr. Taormino's 39 years of experience.

- Gary U

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