Hammer Toe

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A hammer toe is a toe that is deformed, with the end of the toe bending downwards. It usually affects the second, third or fourth toe, and appears to look like a claw. A corn may form on the top of the toe, and a callus may form underneath it. It may be caused by a muscle imbalance or by poorly fitting shoes, when toes are unable to be fully extended. A flexible hammer toe can be manually straightened out while a rigid hammer toe cannot be pulled straight.

Photo: An example of feet with a hammer toe, as seen from the side of the foot


A physical exam will confirm the presence of a hammer toe. An x-ray can show more about the patient’s specific condition.

A 3D digital model of a foot with hammertoe of the little toe


Treating a hammer toe before it becomes “fixed” in position is essential. Orthotics, splints, or wearing shoes with roomy toe-boxes may help non-severe cases of hammer toe. In severe cases, surgery may be performed.

Without Treatment

Pain and walking difficulty may increase, and a permanent deformity may occur. Repeated friction to the tip or the top of the toe can lead to wounds and infection.

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Patient Testimonial by Faith Y

This was my first visit to see Dr T. The office was spotless and followed CDC protocols. I like that Dr T listened to me ,I told him about my problems with my feet. He then explained what was wrong. DR T was very easy to talk with and is pt friendly. He is now my Dr for any additional foot care if needed.

- Faith Y

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Patient Testimonial by faith Y

The office was spotless followed CDC guidelines. My first visit here Dr T was easy to speak to he listened to me and he explained the problem. My toes feel better. Will definitely keep Dr T as my doctor.

- faith Y

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I went to the office with pain in my small toe and left without the pain, awesome!

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Doctor explained everything I needed to know. He was extremely pleasant and informative. He was extremely thorough on helping me with what I needed to know in regards to the future care of my foot. The lotto ticket was a great thought, won five dollars. Thank you again for a great visit.


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