Ingrown Toenails

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Photo: A podiatrist correcting an ingrown toenail

An ingrown toenail (also known as onychocryptosis) occurs when the nail grows sideways into the toe, and not outward. The result is pain in the side of the toe. The big toe is most commonly affected. It can be caused by any situation that interferes with the proper outward growth of the nail, such as improper trimming of the nail or incorrect footwear.


The diagnosis of an ingrown toenail can be made on the basis of the appearance of the toe. A history is also obtained to determine the cause of the ingrown toenail, and to address any predisposing conditions.

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In some cases, the edge of the nail can be separated from the side of the toe. Padding is the placed between the nail and the toe to encourage growth in the correct direction. Many cases require surgical removal of the toenail. A new, normal nail then grows in over the next several months.

Without Treatment

The nail may continue to grow into the side of the toe. This can lead to progressive pain or recurring infection. It is most serious in people with underlying medical problems such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.

Patient Reviews: Ingrown Toenail Treatments

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Patient Testimonial by Gloria R

I have seen many other podiatrists in the past for same condition(s), but Dr. Taormino was very patient and explained everything very well. I left much more informed about the options available that I could consider to alleviate my pain and discomfort, not only in the moment, but in future years. He took his time to explain all the procedures, and answered all my questions. Very respectful and caring manner toward his patients and took his time. He alleviated the current pain I was in without causing more pain and I am very grateful.

- Gloria R

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Patient Testimonial by Drew B

Made getting my ingrown toenail cut out barely hurt at all

- Drew B

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Patient Testimonial by James S

I felt like tap dancing out of the Office. My problem was taken care of quickly and professionally. Now I have more knowledge of foot care and my part of it. Thanks.

- James S

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Patient Testimonial by Cindy G

The place is good from staff to care of patients there were no issues. If I had a problem I would definitely go again

- Cindy G

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Patient Testimonial by Scott A

First time patient I was was treated with respect and a friendly staff Doctor was very caring and proficient with all aspects of my feet

- Scott A

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Patient Testimonial by Megan C

Amazing experience

- Megan C

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Patient Testimonial by Mary Rose D

After doing research I made an appointment at Dr. Taormino's office. I was treated kindly and not made to feel embarrassed or self conscious about my toes. Dr. took the time to explain everything and the outlook is promising Thank you!

- Mary Rose D

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Patient Testimonial by Connie D

Sorry I didn’t get to see him sooner.great doctor

- Connie D

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Patient Testimonial by Susan D

Was very impressed with the initial care I received with Dr. Taormino. I am a diabetic and know the importance of foot care. I will continue to see Dr. T. every 60 days as part of my routine care. I have been looking for a decent podiatrist for about 3 years. I didn't want someone to just trim my nails, I was interested in a podiatrist who was knowledgeable about the diabetic foot, Dr. T. seems to be that man. He also talked to me about overall foot health and informed me of a few facts that I did not realize. Also discussed the use of natural products versus prescription medications. Dr. T. seems to be very well versed and knowledgeable on the subject of natural supplements. Am hoping for a long and healthy association with Quality Foot Care.

- Susan D

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Patient Testimonial by Lenore G

Great experience! Recommended him to a friend already!

- Lenore G

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Patient Testimonial by Walter C

Very efficient and accommodating and friendly A follow up call was also a something extra that you don't get by most offices.

- Walter C

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Patient Testimonial by Pat L

Dr.Taormino was very professional Informative and gentle. He took the time to explain in detail and answer all questions. I definitely would tell anyone that needs a Podiatrist he is your Man!!

- Pat L

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Patient Testimonial by Marilyn O

Dr. Taormino was so nice and professional. Staff was great and friendly. Everyone made you feel safe and comfortable.

- Marilyn O

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Patient Testimonial by Carol A

Dr. T and his staff are professional and kind people. My main concern was ingrown toes nails. Dr. T is extremely gentle and the tiny needles to numb my toes was with minimal discomfort. After Dr. T relieved me of my painful 2 big toes, he shaped the rest of my toe nails. Best pedicure I ever had! Will definitely recommend Quality foot care to my friends and family!

- Carol A

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Patient Testimonial by Theo G

Very good doctor and staff

- Theo G

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Patient Testimonial by Julia H

The staff was very friendly and my daughter felt comfortable and was not scared or intimidated and he explained everything he was doing first

- Julia H

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