Treating Foot Warts in Ronkonkoma & Shirley

An example of an HPV cell that causes warts Warts that occur on the bottom of your feet are called plantar warts. Often they occur on the areas of the foot that experience the most pressure, such as the ball of your foot or the heel. Because of the increased pressure to those areas from walking and physical activity, plantar warts in these areas often penetrate deep into the tissue and can be very painful.

Warts are caused by a virus known as human papilloma virus, or HPV. They can be spread in moist environments such as public showers, locker rooms and swimming areas, but not everyone who comes in contact with a plantar wart will develop one.


Dr. Taormino will diagnosis a plantar wart based on physical exam and description of symptoms.

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Then Dr. Taormino will determine the best treatment plan for you; the usual choice of therapy is salicylic acid, which when applied daily eventually softens the skin layers of the wart so that it can be peeled off. This process may take several weeks or months.

Other treatment options for plantar warts include injection with medication, freezing them with liquid nitrogen, and removing them with surgery.

Dr. Taormino has had years of experience in treating plantar warts and will customize a treatment plan for you that will be as painless and effective as possible.

Without Treatment

Sometimes plantar warts go away on their own if left untreated. However, many warts can become increasingly larger and more painful and can begin to multiply into clusters of warts called mosaic warts. Walking and running will become difficult in these situations. Over time, some plantar warts can lead to a type of skin cancer.

Patient Reviews: Foot Wart Treatments

We invite you to read the below reviews from our satisfied patients. Please visit the Patient Review Form page to leave a review about your treatments for foot warts with Quality Foot Care. Call our office if you would like more information: Ronkonkoma Office Phone Number 631-467-2813.

Quality Foot Care

5 out of 5 stars based on 18 Warts reviews.

Patient Testimonial by Jennifer C

My daughter needed to be seen bc of a wart on her toe that was hurting her really bad. She was dealing w this for months and Dr Taormino was so wonderful with her. He removed it and was just the kindest person. So understanding which made my10 year old feel comfortable. I highly recommend him and the communication is phenomenal.

- Jennifer C

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Patient Testimonial by Tom E

One of the most professional DR I have ever went to. Explain everything perfectly. Not rushed at all. Will recommend this office to all my friends.

- Tom E

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Sanaa J

Very nice staff

- Sanaa J

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Patient Testimonial by Erica U

Dr. T and his office were great. Very welcoming and the Dr. explained everything to us.

- Erica U

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Kim M

Took my son here due to a wart on his food. Being that my son has autism, he gets nervous at some Dr appointments. I knew he would be at ease because the Dr is very calm and mellow. Even the music that is played in the office is soothing. I had gone for my heel spur so was familiar with the office. The woman that worked at the desk was very pleasant, too. Looking forward to my son's next visit at the end of the month.

- Kim M

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Janet J

Dr. T. is the absolute BEST! He was recommended to our family from a friend after hearing a long time foot issue that had not been treated by several other doctors in almost an entire year of pain and limping. Dr T. completely fixed the problem in 2 visits. He has since treated 3 of our family members with 3 different foot issues. Aside from Expertise in thorough and knowledgeable foot care and treatment, Dr. T. and his staff are professional, caring and kind. So very thankful to have found Quality Foot Care!!

- Janet J

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Patient Testimonial by Olivia C

Friendly, compassionate, expert care. So thoughtful. Great educator.

- Olivia C

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Patient Testimonial by Deanna B

Dr. Taormino was so kind and really took the time to explain the various options I had.

- Deanna B

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Evangelia Hakanson

Thank you to Dr T for helping my 8 year old with his plantar wart. We were treating it fir two months with no good relief. After just one visit and follow up treatment we finally got it resolved. The doc is soft spoken kind and very knowledgeable. Spends time with you and listens. He has also helped me with my plantar fasciitis. Highly recommend this office.

- Evangelia Hakanson

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Alex B

Great experience

- Alex B

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Patient Testimonial by Kerrie K

The service here was great. My daughter was very nervous and Dr. Taormino had an excellent bedside manner. Highly recommend the practice!!

- Kerrie K

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Patient Testimonial by Edward J

Very pleased with my entire experience I am very fortunate to have found Dr Taormina and confident telling anyone to go to him.

- Edward J

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Patient Testimonial by Alison D

From start until my appointment, the staff were super kind and friendly on the phone and in the office and The doctor was equally as nice. Very thorough, gentle, detailed and an overall great experience. I would recommend this office with no problem.

- Alison D

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial by Stacy K

The office was very convenient to get to, the staff was very professional and nice, Dr. Taormino was personable and explained everything being done throughout my procedure. I will be telling everyone about this office!

- Stacy K

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Patient Testimonial by Maria M

Very friendly & efficient staff. Doctor was pleasant & anwered all of my questions & concerns.

- Maria M

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Patient Testimonial by Vanessa H

Excellent staff and doctor!!!

- Vanessa H

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Patient Testimonial by Valerie Z

Wonderful experience. First good podiatrist experience I have ever had. Dr T is knowledgeable, easy going, and personable. Staff all helpful and kind! They got me in for next day appointment to accomodate my schedule. Whole process was excellent. Highly recommend and definitely coming back for follow up and in future if ever needed!

- Valerie Z

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Patient Testimonial by Jaime S

I was in pain and called on a Friday and was got in on Monday which was great!!!! The office and doctor was so accommodating. The day of my appt, Dr. Taormino was GREAT!

- Jaime S

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