Calluses and Corns

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A callus, or tyloma, on the foot is caused from repeated pressure and friction, leading to the build up of thickened skin. The callus, which be may hard, dry or cracked, acts to protect the area underneath it.

A corn is similar to a callus, but is smaller and appears on toes rather than on the sole of the foot.

Photo: A person scrubbing foot calluses on the bath tub A 3D model of the foot's skeletal structure, as seen from the bottom


A callus or corn is typically diagnosed upon examination.

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Your podiatrist can recommend simple over-the-counter treatments such as pads or pumice to decrease the calluses or corn. In severe cases calluses may require regular shaving to keep them from becoming too large.

Without Treatment

While treatment for calluses and corns is not always necessary, it may provide you with more comfort. Larger calluses can cause significant pain. In some patients, especially when they become cracked, calluses can lead to wounds that can lead to serious problems, especially in people with diabetes.

Patient Reviews: Treatments for Calluses and Corns

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Patient Testimonial by Ann B

What a great podiatrist!!! Dr. Taormino spent a lot of time taking care of my feet. He made me feel comfortable and had a nice bedside manner! Please see him for all your foot needs. You won’t be disappointed! His office staff was nice too!

- Ann B

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Patient Testimonial by gerard c

Was extremely impressed with the way the doctor explained my condition which I thought was something else, he was patient and he was very through.I never seen a Foot doctor and didnt know that my pain was caused by a few things he took time and prescribed certain footwear. I was very happy I went to him and had my wife make an appointment as she has some foot problems

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Excellent first time visit . Doctor was great as was the staff

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Very nice and friendly staff. Dr. Taormina took care of My foot problem and now It feels like I'm walking on cloud 9.Excellent work Thanks so Much

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A little bit of a wait, but everything else was great.

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Best podiactric care I have ever received.

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One of the most informative doctor visits I've had in a long time and due to my complex medical condition of which foot problems are only one of many, this says a lot. Of all the specialists I've seen, Dr. Taormino was by far one of the most knowledgeable, thorough and provided great advice and an important referral.

- Michael A

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He is a wonderful caring Dr. I ever have.He make me feel better,I will recommend him to all my friends.I will see him again when I need it.He is the best.

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Dr was professional and caring. He took care of my immediate problem which was hindering my hip replacement rehabilitation. Dr answered all my questions and was very patient. I have recommended him to my friends and coworkers .

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Patient Testimonial by Patty B

My blisters are caused by two problems. Dr. T. gave me samples of comfort pads plus treated my feet. We got to chatting about another issue and he sent me an email the next day with some recommeded vitamin/supplements to address that other issue.

- Patty B

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Doctor Taormina was very professional and made my experience very pleasant and painless

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Everyone was extremely friendly and professional and I would definitely recommend this office to others

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Great care!! Excellent staff!

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Patient Testimonial by Peter S

I went to see Dr.Taormina with a pain like standing on a pebble, could barely walk barefoot. He checked it out and found a callous and promptly removed it. I walked out of the office pain free and had a great conversation with him. He even trimmed my toe nails up a bit. Thanks Doc !!!!

- Peter S

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