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Photo: A man rubbing the heel of his foot Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common podiatric conditions relating to the foot. It is when the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot (the plantar fascia) becomes inflamed and irritated, making it difficult to walk. This is most often the result of repeated episodes of minor but recurring injury, such as with frequent running or long periods of standing. The pain can be located in the heel area of the foot or in the arch. It is often worse in the morning due to stiffness of the tissue, and also becomes worse after long periods of walking. The pain often decreases with rest.


Dr. Taormino will examine your foot for swelling, redness and tenderness of the area. X-rays may be taken.

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A digital representation of the foot's skeletal structure and nerve paths, as seen from the side Initial treatment usually involves heel stretching exercises, night splints or shoe inserts. Anti-inflammatory medications may also be given. Treatment can span several months to two years before symptoms improve. Most patients will see an improvement within one year. Further treatment may include steroid injections into the sole of the foot, or in certain situations a surgical procedure that releases the plantar fascia.

Without Treatment

Foot pain can continue, and progress into a severe condition that affects the ability to walk. Eventually, permanent damage to the plantar fascia or surrounding nerves may occur.

Patient Reviews: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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Patient Testimonial by JENNIFER L

Very friendly, very attentive. Always feel like a person, not a number or $$$. Thank you for your caring & concern for your patients.


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Patient Testimonial by Chris M

Nice staff and office. Peter is the nicest doctor. Very informative.

- Chris M

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Patient Testimonial by Angela M

The staff was great. The Doctor took his time with me. I didn’t feel rushed at all. He has great bedside matter. And I got a scratch off & thank you note in the mail!

- Angela M

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Patient Testimonial by Kevin A

Highly recommended. Great staff. Dr Taormino was very professional and took the time to explain all my options.

- Kevin A

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Patient Testimonial by luis m

I contacted this particular doctors office via internet while experiencing foot pain on a Saturday afternoon expecting to leave a message and get a call back Monday. What I didn't expect and surprised with a reply within a couple of hours directly from the doctor, who by the way was on vacation advising me that the office was closed and that someone would contact me first thing Monday morning to schedule an appointment while also offering advice on alleviating my pain. During my appointment with Dr. Taormino I found him to be very thorough, attentive and caring, explaining to me what was causing my pain and how to treat it. I would definitely go back to Dr. Taormino with any other issues.

- luis m

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Patient Testimonial by Bernadette O

The staff was incredibly nice and helpful. Dr. Taormino is the best! I He was very attentive to my medical needs. I am training for a marathon and I came in for what I thought was just plantar facilitis. Dr. Taormino patiently sat with me, listened to my concerns, thoroughly examined my right foot and determined that I had tendonitis as well. He discussed all treatment options with me. Not many doctors in my experience have really taken the time like he did to help me feel better.

- Bernadette O

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Patient Testimonial by Raul U

Excellent service from the doctor and his staff

- Raul U

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Patient Testimonial by Alexandria M

My first experience was wonderful and would highly recommend.

- Alexandria M

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Patient Testimonial by Barbara J

Was very happy with the care I received.All my concerns were addressed and the office called and followed up the next day.

- Barbara J

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Patient Testimonial by Steven Q

Very friendly and patient doctor with a great sense of humor. Felt very comfortable and he was very informative.

- Steven Q

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Patient Testimonial by Nicholas C

Dr Taormino diagnosed me quickly and better than anyone I had previously seen, recommending me to a neurologist for pain in my heel possibly caused by a back issue, as opposed to plantar facistiis. Much thanks to him and his staff.

- Nicholas C

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Patient Testimonial by Courtney G

Great staff and very knowledgeable. Appreciated the time taken with me to resolve my issues.

- Courtney G

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Patient Testimonial by Darlene G

Love the dr and his wife staff Kim was extremely helpful.

- Darlene G

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Patient Testimonial by Andre V

Dr. Taormino was truly amazing. It was my first visit and he was extremely thorough and explained how I can help adapt my lifestyle accordingly to compensate for the issues with my feet. I would highly recommend to anyone.

- Andre V

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Patient Testimonial by Jennifer B

Awesome experience, thank you

- Jennifer B

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